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St. Mary’s has long refrained from direct selling as a form of fundraising. We do however participate in a number of “non-selling” fundraising efforts. These programs generate both cash and equipment that help keep St. Mary’s ahead of the pack. Please consider participating in as many of these programs as possible. They are all fun and easy and they Support St. Mary’s!

Note: If you find a school benefit program that we're not currently participating in, please let us know by calling (440) 243-4555.

Support St. Mary's School with seasonal fund raisers:

Yankee Candle Collection

Each year St. Mary's offers Yankee candle sales as a unique way to raise funds to support our school. They make great presents any time of the year!! Watch for information to come regarding sale dates.


Ongoing Fundraiser Opportunities:


Giant Eagle's Apples for the Students

Giant Eagle's Apples for the Students ProgramEach time you shop at Giant Eagle using your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®, you earn points for St. Mary’s for educational equipment. By designating St. Mary’s as the recipient using the school's ID number of 2868, the points are automatically credited to us when you use your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®. Just call Giant Eagle at 1-800-474-4777 or designate St. Mary’s online by clicking here.


General Foods' Boxtops for Education

General Foods' Boxtops for Education

There are several ways to support St. Mary’s with this program:

  1. Save box top coupons from participating products, tape them to one of these sheets and send them in to the office. We receive funds for each box top submitted.
  2. Shop online from over 200 participating stores such as Lands End and Target. You may sign up here , then shop starting from the links at the BoxTops Marketplace. Up to 8% of your purchases are awarded to St. Mary’s at no cost to you.
  3. Charge your purchases with a Box Tops Visa credit card to earn 1% cash back for St. Mary’s with every purchase at no cost to you. You can apply by clicking here.

Empties 4 Cash

Empties 4 Cash ProgramEarn funds for St. Mary’s by recycling your empty inkjet, laser, fax, and copier cartridges. Just send them in with your child in a plastic bag, or deposit the empty cartridges in the specially marked container outside the school office. We will do the rest! For a list of acceptable cartridges, click here.


Campbell's Labels for Education

Campbell's Labels for EducationFor over 30 years, Campbell's Labels for Education™ program has given schools free educational equipment in exchange for labels from eligible Campbell's products. We collect Campbell's labels which are used for supplies for our classrooms and playground. It is as simple as collecting the labels and sending them in with your child.

Note: Please try not to tear the label through the center front. The front label panel is the part of the label that has to be submitted to Campbell's. However, if the front of the label does get torn, we can tape it and submit it anyway -- so don't throw them away if they get ripped!


Abitibi's Paper Retriever

Abitibi's Paper RetrieverAbitibi-Consolidated Recycling Division provides this program and collection service at no charge to St. Mary’s. Two bright green and yellow containers in the parking lot at both the school and the parish are available for you to drop off your newspaper, magazines, shopping catalogs, office and school papers, and old mail. Funds are sent monthly to St. Mary’s for the weight of paper collected. When you drop off your paper, please make sure that it's free of plastic, glass, metal, and trash, as it can ruin the recycling process.


Target's Take Charge of Education

Target's Take Charge of EducationYou can help St. Mary’s just by shopping with your Target Visa or Target Store Card. Target will donate an amount equal to 1% of your qualifying purchases at Target stores or at Target Online plus 1/2% of purchases made elsewhere with your Target Visa. To apply online for a Target Visa or Target Store Card, click here

Once you have your card, just designate St. Mary’s as the recipient of the Take Charge of Education program by clicking here.



PhoneraiserDon’t throw that old cell phone away! Bring it in to St. Mary’s. Each phone we collect is worth between $0.50 and $300 for our school! Just send the phone in with your child, and drop it in the container in front of the office. How easy is that!