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Did you know our program… licensed by  the State of Ohio.  Inspected twice a year, one scheduled visit and one surprise visit. St. Mary’s is presently in full compliance and has been each and every year since our inception. (Reports are on file and available to view)…each Extended Care staff member is trained in First Aid, Communicable Disease and Child Abuse recognition.

...At least two staff members are trained and certified in CPR. The Extended Care staff is also required to receive 10 hours of instruction in child care and curriculum each year.…our Extended Care program services 35 – 80 children on a daily basis during each session (before and after school).

...Homework tutoring is available with a certified teacher from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

...our staff to child ratio is 1 – 12. (State of Ohio requirement is 1 – 18)

…children are constantly monitored during each session; the staff continuously matches names from sign in sheets with faces.

...provides children with paper, crayons, markers and coloring books every day before and after school. The supply is replenished at least once a month.

...our program has an excellent safety record. The staff is proud of the rapport they have with the children in our program. The children that attend are safe and happy.


Extended Care Registration Form (Preschool - Gr. 8)


Extended Care Handbook