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st. marys berea   educating the mind nuturing the soul

As followers of Christ, we live as a Catholic community to learn and teach

in ways that will help us to educate our minds and nurture our souls.


St. Mary's Catholic School Belief Statements

Catholic Education
We believe:

  • that Catholic education is founded on the teaching and learning of the life and mission of Jesus Christ.
  • that St. Mary's School is faith-filled community providing our students with the educational and spiritual belief that all people are created in God's image, are unique, and are worthy of dignity and respect.
  • that St. Mary's School witnesses to Christ and the Gospel by living out our Catholic faith through Prayer, Liturgy, Evangelization, and Stewardship in our community.

Students and Students' Rights
We believe:

  • that emphasis is placed on lifelong learning combined with the development of caring attitudes and behavior towards others that prepare our students to be moral citizens in a global society.
  • that "students' rights" include, but are not limited to, a safe and nurturing environment, opportunities to succeed, achievement of goals using God-given gifts and talents, development of responsibility, and mutual respect of all persons.
  • that the total development of a student includes the spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional and physical aspect of one's being.

We believe:

  • that self-esteem is promoted through positive role modeling and recognition of each student's achievements.
  • that emphasis is placed on preparing students with 21st century skills that wll earn them sucess in a global world.
  • that students learn best when they can experience success through meaningful subject matter, differentiated learnings, and appropriate challenges.


St. Mary's Catholic School Prayer

Dear Lord,

Help us today to practice our Mission Statement which reminds us why we attend St. Mary's School. We ask that you help us to use the gifts and talents you've given us to think, listen, talk and play in ways that will bring us closer to your kingdom and give us the best education we can possibly receive. In Jesus' name we pray. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.