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The Music Classroom environment is one of high energy. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves through singing, dancing, acting and composing.

Our classroom is blessed with many instruments. We have world drums, cowbells and other percussion instruments. Through a grant from The Saint Cecelia Foundation we've been able to obtain a set of resonator bells so that each student in the class can participate in creating harmony. The classroom also has two xylophones and one metallophone. All of these above-mentioned instruments allow the music program to be highly interactive.

Each year the Kindergarten classes and grades one and two participate in a 'Winter' music program during the month of February.

Grades three, four, and five entertain families with a musical celebration of Christmas in mid-December.

The Junior High classes are studying individual classical composers, different styles of music, and will be provided with drama opportunities by the acting of musical works or by writing and performing their own plays.