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In the primary grades we learn through games and songs. We focus on learning basic vocabulary, such as greetings, colors, numbers, days of the week, months, time, emotions, and classroom objects. We even play recess games that children play in Latin America!

In fourth through eighth grade, we continue to expand our vocabulary and learn grammar structures to help us communicate in Spanish. A couple of our favorite units and activities include the house unit where we design and describe our dream houses; and the restaurant unit where students order food in Spanish in a Hispanic restaurant for themselves and their families!

In addition to learning how to speak Spanish, we focus on learning about and celebrating Hispanic culture by covering topics such as Hispanic Heritage Month, Day of the Dead, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, and the Running of the Bulls. We often listen to Hispanic music while we work. We learn about Hispanic singers and hold karaoke entertainment days throughout the school year!

A cultural focus is even more evident in Spanish Club meetings where we make sugar skulls, dance the salsa, and celebrate La Tomatina. Check out the Spanish Club agenda for the complete list of events this school year!

By the time St. Mary’s students graduate in eighth grade, they have a foundation in Spanish that will help them be successful in learning a language in high school.