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st. marys berea   educating the mind nuturing the soul

Entering Kindergarten is a big step-- the first step of their academic adventure!


Kindergarten at Saint Mary's School is an all-day program designed to foster each child's spiritual well-being, as well as to support their academic, creative, and social growth.  As a community, Saint Mary's School aims to create an atmosphere that promotes curiosity and a love of learning.  In kindergarten, we encourage our students to ask questions, to learn from their mistakes, to be creative, to take risks and to try their best.  Each students’ success is celebrated and they are inspired to be the best they can be.  Saint Mary's School is a place where the students feel important, are respected,  and are believed in. We are committed to educating the mind and nurturing the soul of each student.


The Kindergarten curriculum includes phonics, math, reading readiness, art, science, social studies, handwriting, story time, religion, and free play.  Kindergarten also participates in special classes such as gym, music, Spanish, library, and computer lab.


Kindergarten is a vital part of a child's success.  Prepare your child for the best at Saint Mary's School today!